“I am here to provide a safe and sheltered space that enables a person to explore themselves, their relationship to others, to work and more."
-Somatic Experiencing Manual p. 11


Welcome to Riverwalk Counselling Services. My name is Robyn Mott and I thank you for visiting my site today and taking the time to learn more about me and the services I offer.

I invite you to browse through my site and I encourage you to also check out other psychologist’s services, so that you find the right person and place for you. Trust your body’s wisdom to know what is best for you. Choosing someone with whom you feel comfortable and safe is more important than the approaches and therapies that are integrated.

The relationship you form with your therapist has the greatest influence on both your process and outcomes. Whatever initial reason brings people to contact me, the essence of our process together is about creating ways for them to live their life more fully.

I chose the name Riverwalk for my private practice years ago. I have always felt such reverence, awe and humility for the human life experience. A full life experiences many turns and curves – often unexpected and some unwanted. My work is about supporting others to find ways to successfully navigate the unknown and often challenging waters of life, while nurturing their desire to find solid ground.


I am privileged to meet with so many amazing people who are finding creative and beautiful ways to navigate the rivers of their lives. This enriches and expands who I am on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Sessions can be in person in my office, on the phone, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. If you decide that Riverwalk Counselling Services is right for you, I look forward to meeting you.

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"I met with Dr. Robyn Mott to seek help with severe PTSD after serving nearly 35 years in a high stress, extremely dangerous law enforcement environment. I had sought help from numerous other psychologists however none could relate to my severe symptoms and background. There are very few professionals who possess the ability to understand the pressure and disturbingly graphic occupational hazards which, I faced throughout my life.

Dr. Mott is not simply a passive listener, but someone who assisted me in understanding my reality and how I could cope in an effective manner.
She has done more to give me the tools of healing than any other person I have ever met. Dr. Robyn Mott has been a blessing to my life and future. In my opinion there are very few professionals with her skill set and human touch. "

Diverse Practice

Living with Dying

I have the profound sacred privilege and honour to be present beside many people, families, and friends in their process of “walking close to death”.  These courageous people faced their own, a friend or loved one’s end of life due to a terminal illness, a sudden death, unexpected accident, a need for an organ transplant that they never did receive, and those who could not stay in life and planned their death (unexpected or knowing planned).

I have been a member of the support team from the time of diagnosis, and anywhere along the journey to death and following. In addition to office visits, I  travel to someone’s home, hospice and hospital.


Our connections (disconnections) within our relationships are influenced and impacted by many factors. The relationships and events that have occurred in our family lineages, dynamics and events in our immediate families, and our personal experiences all influence our current and future relationships with intimate partners and in groups.


Our intimate relationships are influenced by the bonding and attachment process we had when very young. Our past relationships impact our future relationships. The life experiences of our parents and grandparents also affect our relationships (family systemic patterns).


Each person brings into a relationship a myriad of life experiences that impact their capacity for connection and healthy relationships.

When we begin to understand and appreciate the richness and complexity of every relationship, we become more understanding, compassionate and tolerant with ourselves and each-other.

I meet with individuals, couples (traditional and non-traditional), families and groups who desire stronger connections within their relationships and lives.

Somatic Experiencing

“Somatic Experiencing is a psychobiological method for resolving trauma symptoms and relieving chronic stress.  It was designed by Dr. Peter Levine to to reset our nervous system, restore inner balance, enhance resiliency to stress, and to increase a person’s vitality and capacity to actively engage in life.” (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Client Brochure)

I am a student in the formal Somatic Experiencing Professional Training Program.

Additional Areas
of Support

I offer support in the following areas:​

  • General medical and surgical procedures

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Sexuality (sexual health and fulfillment, sexual intimacy, and sexual identity)

  • Women's Health (i.e. fertility, Pre and Peri Natal, fetal distress, birth traumas, early surgeries, death of a child, Premenstrual changes, menopause, and post-partum suffering)

  • Inability to nourish self with food (too little or overeating), Disordered Eating

  • Grief and complex grief

  • Suffering/Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Experiences

  • Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

  • Stress management

  • Addictions & self soothing (i.e. drugs, alcohol, food). Read more about addiction, here.

  • Boundary setting

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Bullying Experiences. Read more about bullying here.

Mountain and River
Vintage Shoes
Illness and Pain

People living with chronic illness and pain often find themselves in the juxtaposition of predictability and complete unpredictability. They may feel their bodies have betrayed them and turned their lives upside down.


It is sometimes possible that in developing a different or new relationship with our physical pain and in discovering the meanings of the pain we may be able to bring more ease in our bodies and transform out pain.

In developing a healing relationship with an illness or chronic condition, contacting the insight and inner wisdom that arises from living day to day with a medical condition is often the quintessential ingredient in one’s healing process. ~ Mark Wolynn


"Trauma is our nervous system’s response to an event.  Therefore trauma is in the nervous system, not the specific event. 


Trauma results when our nervous system is overwhelmed and cannot process what has happened in a natural / organic way and we are unable to respond effectively no matter how hard we try. 


Trauma symptoms arise when residual energy from the experience is not discharged from our bodies.  This energy remains trapped in our nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds."

-Peter Levine (Founder of Somatic Experiencing). 

Continually held in our bodies, trauma can keep us from feeling connected to ourselves, others and life.

It is important to know that there are many effective processes that support the resolution of the trauma energy held in our nervous system and restore stability to our system enabling us to reconnect with life.  Somatic Experiencing Therapy has shown to be particularity effective in this resolution.

Trauma symptoms can include:


  • Shock

  • Denial

  • Disbelief

  • Confusion

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Anger, irritability, mood swings

  • Anxiety and fear

  • Guilt, shame, self-blame

  • Withdrawing from others (isolating)

  • Sadness that feels stuck

  • Hopelessness

  • Feeling disconnected from others


Trauma symptoms can result from an “acute traumatic event” meaning a single event; “chronic trauma” when traumatic events are repeated over time; and “complex trauma” when someone is exposed to various multiple traumatic events.


We might or might not recognize these examples of possible traumatic events


  • Sexual assault. 

  • Childhood traumas: sexual assault, neglect,

  • Physical assault

  • Emotional abuse

  • Military service

  • Front line professionals (Fire, Police, Paramedics /EMTs.

  • Medical/dental procedures

  • Bonding and Attachment trauma

  • Motor Vehicle accident

  • Pre and Perinatal  (fetal distress, birth trauma, early surgeries)

  • Maternal distress during pregnancy

  • Falls (i.e. off a bicycle)

I consider it an honour to work with people in a process created to support those who have experienced life altering traumatic events.


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