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 “In Arabic the word “heart” means both the seat of intelligence, understanding and the seat of emotions, life and relationship”
-Somatic Experiencing Manual.

My Philosophies

Connection, Disconnection, and Reconnection

As humans we share a deep desire for connection. The people I meet have taught me this and my own life affirms it almost daily.

At the core of every issue, problem, dilemma or challenge that I witness in my private practice, appears some form of disconnection accompanied with a deep desire for re-connection.

What might bring about disconnection?

It might be an event that has interrupted the connection within a relationship. This could be the relationship with ourselves, our families, our partners, our friends or perhaps our relationship with our work, finances, health, or dreams. Something is not working or feeling connected in the way it once did or in the way we desire.

Any number of life events and experiences (internal or external) may interrupt or influence our sense of connection. These may have occurred in our own lifetime or they may have taken place within the life experiences of our parents and grandparents. These are known as family systemic patterns. Some of the most commonly recognized examples that create a sense of disconnection include:

Abuse – Trauma – Loss – Illness – Aging – Relationship Issues

When we experience a sense of disconnection in our lives, it may reveal itself through depression – anxiety – stress – illness – complicated grief or a myriad of other experiences. Disconnection also affects the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

How do we reconnect?

Re-connection is a process and at the heart of the work that takes place in my practice. Naturally this process is different for each individual because everyone comes with their own unique circumstances, experiences and personalities. Together, we find the best approach for each person. The focus and intention is always re-connection.

An Integrated Approach

I embrace a wholistic approach in my practice – I am continually learning and expanding, all with the focus and intent of enhancing, nurturing and sustaining the connections and relationships in our lives that matter most to us.

My PhD. in Psychology offers me a solid foundation of understanding and appreciation in the scientific and clinical study of the human mind and its functions. Over time, I have come to learn and appreciate a much broader perspective – a bigger picture of the human experience. Many therapeutic approaches as well as non-therapeutic teachings – music, theatre, Eastern traditions and practices, mindfulness – influence and contribute to my work.

connections and disconnectons
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