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Robyn's Love of Life

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Some of what life has brought to me that brings me the greatest joy and meaning in life:

  • meeting people at a soul, spiritual, heart-based foundation every day

  • experiencing heartfelt love in my partnership

  • enjoying close relationships with family and friends

  • living in nature and being so close to the river valley

  • living in a true neighbourhood

  • playing and listening and experiencing music of many kinds

  • being given the privilege of singing with the Voices of Compassion Threshold choir where we sing at the bedside of those nearing death

  • being owned and cared for by two loving dogs

  • playing, belly laughter (Irish style) and finding delight in life

  • loving stillness and quiet time

  • creating beauty with fabric

  • experiencing the extraordinariness of ordinary life

  • attending to my own struggles

  • often living in the mystery and beauty of life as it unfolds

  • knowing the ending of things as a process of discovering how to celebrate the most beautiful

  • enjoying live theatre, film, that nurture my imagination, creativity and change my understanding of what it means to be living and dying. 

People whose writing and work have touched me at my core are mentioned on the webpage in the section “Inspiration”.

For all of this I am filled with humble gratitude. I am also grateful to my maternal and paternal lineage, their struggles, their experiences of trauma and so much more.  As I wrestled with all that came to me, accepting the gifts and moving in the pain of their agonies, with the ongoing support of all that inspired me, and those whom I was gifted with as my companions (loving and skilled therapists) I could finally arrive at an internal place of valuing all that has brought me to where I am today. 

With humble gratitude and celebration,


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